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Star Trek: The Breen War is a new, quadrant spanning fanfiction series, built in a 3 season format. This site contains the episodes, information, and technical database, and is the comprehensive source for all things pertaining to the project. More...

News Item - Re:And it's official.

Here's the post where Greg announced my previous bad news on the forum. Check back at this space for the promised gifts and possibly a few other treats.

Posted by Manticore - April 29, 2006

News Item - Re:The end of all that we know, and the beginning of something else.

It's been nearly a year since we released Revelations and four months since we intended to have season 2 off the ground. As such, we are now officially declaring TBW, as it is, to be dead. We will be archiving the key posts in the Dev forum, and then officially asking the SCN admins to close the Dev forum.

TBW is not dead, however. (Broken record, huh?) Greg and I are going to continue writing it, and release "seasons" 2 and 3 as seperate, but single, volumes.

All TBW forthwith is dedicated to Jimi James and USS Paladin, two people I attribute getting TBW off the ground initially to more than anyone else.

Thank you.

Posted by Manticore - April 28, 2006

News Item - Re:Seasn 2 changes

Sorry about all the delays--most of us are college students with all the timesinks that entails. But I'm excited to report that Season 2 is finally on track!

There are going to be significant changes to the TBW format this coming season. For one, we're leaving behind the (roughly) chronological episodic format. Instead, we're going to be putting out four 2-part 'arcs'.

The first will focus on the crew of the Typhon as they explore the Romulan threat, the second will be about a new risky attempt on the parts of Admirals Bailer and Martin as they try and draw Section 31 out into the open, while the third focuses on the Swiftsure as she tries to take the war into Breen space--while at the same time trying to ascertain the nature of the Harfanti's mysterious orders. And the fourth will be the exciting conclusion that brings it all together!

The arcs will be written by Josh 'Dead Peon' Legg, 'Jimi James', Cador 'Makaveli' Davis, and Sean 'Manticore' Motto respectively.

Yes, Jimi's back, brought on specifically to write the Dauntless's arc, and Makaveli, our webmaster, has 'volunteered' to write the Swiftsure's arc!

Posted by Manticore - January 3rd, 2006

News Item - Re:Season 2 confirmed

Just so you all know, we will be continuing Star Trek: The Breen War. Dead Peon has returned as a full-time writer, so we will have enough people to complete our storylines for season 2.

Sorry to keep you in the black for so long. We're definitely looking forward to it!

Posted by Manticore - October 18, 2005

News Item - Re:Writer Leaving

It is with great regret that I announce that Jimi James, our second-most prolific writer, is leaving The Breen War for personal reasons. I can't give any guarantees about the future of TBW, but I honestly don't see how the series can continue without him.

I will guarantee this: if we do end up cancelling TBW, we will be posting all of our outlines and plans for seasons two and three and a copy of the RPG that TBW is based on so you can see where we were going.

Posted by Manticore - September 23, 2005

News Item - Re:Episode Release

And now for the final episode of season 1, Revelations! Read it in the episodes section!

We would just like to let you know that we're planning to start releasing season two around new years.

Posted by Manticore - August 24, 2005

News Item - Re:Episode Release

Again, sorry about the delay. There were some unforseen issues. Our latest episode, "Fury" is available in the episodes section! Read it!

Just one episode from the (hopefully) exciting climax to TBW season 1!

Posted by Manticore - August 18, 2005

News Item - Re:Episode Release

Sorry about the delay. Our next episode, "To the Victor Go the Spoils" is available in the episodes section! Read it!

Posted by Manticore - July 07, 2005

News Item - Re:Episode Release

Keeping on schedule for once, our latest episode, Abyss, is available. Read it in the episodes section!

Posted by Manticore - June 15, 2005

News Item - Re:Episode Release

Our latest episode, Lines in the Sand, is released! Read it in the episodes section!

Posted by Manticore - May 25, 2005

News Item - Re:Episode Release

After a long delay, we have released episode 110, Breaking point. Check it out in the episodes section!

Posted by Manticore - May 25, 2005

News Item - Re:Episode Release

The next episode, Vigil, is now available. Check it out in the new episode in the episodes section!

Sorry for the delay in updating the website, being a student time has been pretty tight the past few weeks.

Posted by Makaveli - February 4, 2005

News Item - Re:Episode Release

The next episode, Loss of Innocence, is now out. Check it out in the episodes section!

Thankfully I have returned as webmaster which allows our 3D artist Manticore to get back to what he loves... a number of Images for this episode will be available in the Images Gallery within the next few days.

Posted by Makaveli - January 10, 2005

News Item - Re:Episode Release

Our seventh episode, Behemoth, has been released! Check it out in the episodes section! Sorry for the delay.

Posted by Manticore - December 28, 2004

News Item - Re:Episode Release

We have released our sixth episode, Conspiracies and Deceptions! Read it in our episodes section. Sorry about the delay, it was unforseen. The next episode should be ready in two weeks though!

Another thing, I'm sorry I haven't been doing the pictures lately, but I'm a college student as well as a writer for TBW, so I just don't have the time anymore.

Posted by Manticore - December 8, 2004

News Item - Re:Episode Release

We have released our fifth episode, Smoke and Dagger! Read it in our episodes section.

Posted by Manticore - November 17, 2004

News Item - Re:Episode Release

We have nearly finished our move to Ex-Astris-Scientia, and we all give a hearty round of thanks to Bernd Schneider, our new host. However, the move isn't fully complete, so if you notice any dead links, please alert us. We also know that the "Home" button doesn't work at the moment, but it should be fixed tomorrow, with luck. We also thank all of you for your patience during these ordeals and ask you to hold out just a little bit longer for full functionalty.

We have also uploaded Episode 104, Reconstruction is available here. so check it out.

What's more, I will pretty much be acting as webmaster until we can get a new one. So please, for the good of my stress levels, apply if you have talent!

One more thing, we have re-ordered our episode list. Check it out on our episodes page!

Posted by Manticore - November 8, 2004

News Item - Re:Episode Images Online

The images to go with Alea Iacta Est are now available on the site, check out the images galleries for for them. A number of other minor updates were also done to the site, mainly spelling corrections as well as a few minor modifications to specific pages.

Posted by Makaveli - October 11, 2004

News Item - Re:Episode Release

The next chapter in The Breen War is now available, Alea Iacta Est is available here. So check out this great work by our newest writer Jimi.

Posted by Makaveli - October 6, 2004

News Item - Re:Episode Release

First we must apologize for the lateness of the complete release, it is our goal to release the episode images along with the episode but unfortunately we were unable to. Finally the images are up, check out the episodes page for the cell on Riposte as well as the accompioning images for this episode.

Posted by Makaveli - September 25, 2004

News Item - Re:Episode Release

We at The Breen War at proud to announce the release of our second episode, this episode picks up right where Dawn left off and has quite a few surprises in store for you. This episode entitled Riposte was written by Paladin, expect some more contributions to episodes by him in the future.

Posted by Makaveli - September 22, 2004

News Item - Re:Vignette Release

Right off the start I have to apologize to the people that frequent this site, its my job to keep it updated but in recent weeks I have been unable to do soand for that I apologize. Anyways time for another taste of The Breen War, a few weeks ago the fourth vignette entitled Regret was released to the public. After the delay it has now been added to this website. Click here to go to the new vignette. I would also like to take this opertunity to introduce and welcome our new writer Jimi, hes the mind behind the new vignette and our third episode currently in the works.

Posted by Makaveli - September 14, 2004

News Item - Re:Episode Release

Finally after more than a year and a half of development we the staff of The Breen War are proud to announce the release of the first episode entitled Dawn. Click here to witness the Dawn of a fresh new fan fiction series.

Posted by Makaveli - August 12, 2004

News Item - Re:Site Update

This site is now viewible in all browser resolutions, after alot of work and editing I finally managed to make the site work for all screen resolutions.

When I was working on the site I found that it didnt look its best because of the large amount of red that was appearing on the pages, I have redesigned most pages slightly to a point where I believe they look alot better. Cutting out a large amount of red also makes simple pages have a better look to them.

To coincide with the release of the first episode Dawn an episode image gallery was also added, it is our hope that this section will start to fill up with images as more and more of them are produced. A number of new encyclopedia articles were also added so go check them out.

News Item - Re:Episode Update

The episode list was recently revised, the website has now been updated to reflect those changes. The episode list can be found by clicking here.

Posted by Makaveli - July 8, 2004

News Item - Re:New Content Added

New material has been added to the concept art section including three shuttles concepts and a number of weapons sketches. Also added was the first image of the Breen Carrier that will appear in The Breen War. Enjoy. A number of spelling errors were brought to my attention, these were also corrected.

Posted by Makaveli - June 23, 2004

News Item - Re:Content Online

After finally getting the navigation menu completed I have added all the content that was on the old site, new content should start being put up on a regular basis soon.

Posted by Makaveli - June 18, 2004

News Item - Re:New Site Layout

The site design is almost finalized... hopefully it will be done in the next week or two. I am starting to transfer over all the content from the older site so that the change over will be seamless. However when the switch hapens there may be a few minutes of downtime.

Posted by Makaveli - June 9, 2004

News Item - New Site Layout

Its been a while coming but the new layout for the site is done. I hope everyone likes it because I am not changing it, just kidding.... if you have any questions or comments please contact me at Novice_2001@Rogers.com, thank you for supporting TBW.

Posted by Makaveli - June 5, 2004

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