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Concept Art

Over the past few months since it was decided to turn a simple RPG on the Subspace Comms Network into such a project alot of work has been put into the desigsns, this section is to desplay alot of the ideas that were tossed back and forth by the design staff. It is our hope that you will like these as much as we do because alot of time was spent on these. Even though they are not the versions we decided to use we feel that the public should still see them. This page will be updated as more sketches are made public.... we hope you enjoy them.

Breen Concept Art

All Breen designs are by Bond, James Bond. Hopefully more of his designs will be posted soon, he is in the process of churning out more designs that will hopefully be used and posted soon.

Starfleet Concept Art

The first image is by USS Paladin, this is the general direction that we went with the Avocet class dropship.... the second image is a concept by BorgMan, while this design is definately cool it was not quite what we envisioned for the dropship. The images below are the final design that we decided to use on for the Avocet. They are still concept drawing but the Computer Generated images are nearly identical. The final design is by USS Paladin.

Below are a few other designs by The Breen Wars talented design team, the first is by Galen and the other two are by BorgMan. The first two images are concepts for the Ambassador refit that was needed for one of our storys. The design is obviously similay to the original but were supposed to be made more modern. The final image is of Starfleets new Type 12 shuttle that will be widly used throughout all of TBW. Hopefully the full designs will be online with their own tech manuals soon.

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