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Episode - 101 - Dawn
By Sean "Manticore" Motto
Released August 12, 2004

Amid reports of attacks on Federation vessels, a Breen force is detected heading for Deep Space Nine, causing the USS Swiftsure under the command of Captain Mar'zief Falco to rush to defend the station. But all is not as it appears! Witness the dawn of The Breen War.

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Episode - 102 - Riposte
By "USS Paladin"
Released September 22, 2004

The Swiftsure is sent on a daring mission to bolster Earth's defenses before Starfleet launches its full counterrattack. But can they get the shields online in time, or will they be too late?

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Episode - 103 - Alea Iacta Est
By Jimi James
Released October 6, 2004

As the fight to retake Earth drives on, the first true test of the Breen War begins to turn in Starfleet’s favor. But in the face of such loss and sacrifice, is it any kind of victory? And will the Federation ever be the same again?

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Episode - 104 - Reconstruction
By Sean "Manticore" Motto, Jimi James
Released October 20, 2004

While the Federation as a whole is in shock from the attack on Earth, Admiral Martin must deal with a great personal blow. Meanwhile, Fonon Jo'Uva tries to come to terms with his part in the attack.

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Episode - 105 - Smoke and Dagger
By Sean "Manticore" Motto
Released November 17, 2004

The crew of the Dauntless find Fonon Jo'Uva in the DMZ, prompting Section 31 to do whatever they can to stop Admiral Martin from finding them.

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Episode - 106 - Conspiracies and Deceptions
By Jimi James
Released December 8, 2004

Admiral Bailer tracks down the traitor that sent the Swiftsure to attack the Dauntless, and launches investigations of other odd occurences in Starfleet. The truth that he discovers is disturbing, and one thing is certain: Bailer's enemy will stop at nothing to see their plans carried through.

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Episode - 107 - Behemoth
By Sean 'Manticore' Motto
Released December 26, 2004

The Swiftsure and the Alabama take a task force and attempt to track down a Breen supply depot, only to find far more than they bargained for.

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Episode - 108 - Loss of Innocence
By Dead Peon
Released January 6, 2005

Following early successes in the war, the Federation has assigned the Swiftsure to a small invasion force. However, while on the way, the Swiftsure comes accross a damaged Defiant and struggles to save her, while still reaching the fleet on time. What's more, there are rumors of Breen warships moving through Cardassian space.

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Episode - 109 - Vigil
By Sean 'Manticore' Motto
Released January 19, 2005

Harkness deals with Captain Falco's injuries, and in the meantime, reminisces about how they met on the Hamlet, captured behind enemy lines some 22 years before

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Episode - 110 - Breaking Point
By Jimi James, Dead Peon
Released May 18, 2005

Wallace, now in command of the USS Thor, must defend against a Breen attack on Starbase 462. Part one of two.

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Episode - 111 - Lines in the Sand
By Jo Hack
Released June 01, 2005

Harkness violates Admiral Zareka's orders and takes the Typhon, the Arkantos, and the Thunderchild on a mission to rescue the captured crews of the Thor and the Laurel. Part two of two.

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Episode - 112 - Abyss
By Jimi James
Released June 15, 2005

The crew of the Dauntless awake to find themselves drifting in deep space, and unable to remember how they arrived there, and that Fonon is their only clue to what happened to them.

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Episode - 113 - To the Victor go the Spoils
By Jo Hack
Released July 7, 2005

The Dauntless is sent on a mission to deliver a message to the starship Kennedy, only to find that it's missing. What's more, the Breen appear to have a frightening new weapon.

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Episode - 114 - Fury
By Jimi James
Released August 19, 2005

On a peace mission to Cardassia, Admiral Bailer's runabout is shot down. Bailer wakes up over half a year later in the Dauntless's sickbay to find that he's no longer Commander in Chief of Starfleet. What's more, the Breen are winning.

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Episode - 115 - Revelations
By Sean 'Manticore' Motto
Released August 25, 2005

The Breen attack Starbase 521, the hub of the Federation's war effort, with the same terrifying weapon that they used to destroy Starbase 462.

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