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The latest version of the venerable LCARS system and its mechanical expression has been implemented on most ships of the Sovereign and Intrepid classes, and is slowly making its way into the Defiant, Galaxy, and Akira classes. Among these ships are the Sovereigns USS Kennedy and Swiftsure.

A frequent and disqastrous occurance with previous consoles has been their vulnerability, during times of mechanical stress, to overload, damaging both circuitry and user in a flurry of sparks and electric discharge. To combat this, all LCARS 3.4 consoles are equipped with a thin, transparent, plastic like covering under their touch sensitive polymer top. When an overload is detected, the contacts connected to the polymer top switch to the plastic coating, emptying their electricity into a non-conductive material. The entire unit is sealed tightly with a new silver border around the edges, meaning overload explosive effects are trapped within the unit.

During brief encounters thus far, this simple but effective has been quite helpful in reducing casualties, and especially fatalities.

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