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Multispatial probes are highly advanced automated sensor devices, launched from a parent craft and capable of extended missions at high Impulse speeds. While they lack their own internal warp engines, they have two "warp sustainer nacelles", semicircular arcs mounted ot either side of the craft. These allow the craft to travel at speeds of up to Warp 9.8.

The craft uses immensely powerful multi-spatial imaging arrays to detect objects and examine them. These sensors are different than ordinary sensors in that they do not detect and object one one level: a ship, for example, is analyzed and identified not just by its visual appearance, but simultaneously by its warp signature, and the ripples it creates in various levels of subspace. Without visual or thermal sensors, the probe can detect a world merely by the gravitational effects over a light year away.

The main sensor palette lies in the center of the craft, and can scan via wide-arc lateral aperatures to port and starboard and a narrow multispatial lense in the nose.

The probes also carrie Tachyon Reflection devices, which are highly effective against outdated models of Klingon and Romulan cloaks, as well as scaled-down version of almost every sensor the Federation has developed. As such, they all immensely intricate, and their complete arrays cannot usually be fabricated by an ordinary industrial replicator. As such, they have sophisticated evasion programming to evade capture, along with decent shielding and a self-destruct device. Starship captains value these tools greatly, and will go to great lengths to protect them. Sometimes, a multi-spatial probe is even towed by a shuttle for extra protection and speed. This also allows the probe to be taken through several different warp jumps to different destinations without the presence of the parent vessel.

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