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Type-12 Shuttlecraft

Type: 12
Class: Medium range shuttlecraft
Length: 9m
Width: 4.58m
Height: 2m
Cruise warp: 4
Maximum cruise warp: 5.8
Maximum warp: 6.1 (6 hours)
3 Type IV phaser arrays
2 Micro photon torpedo tube + 40 micro torpedoes
Shield system
The Type 12 was concieved after it was clear that the Type 9 was getting too old. The new shuttle was developed with a few things in mind:
Easy to maintain

Prior to the outbreak of the Breen War broke , it became more than clear that the Type 9 wouldn't make it from a defense view point on the borders of the Federation, what with numerous skirmishes occuring, it was time for a new shuttlecraft The docks of Constitution City then began to realise the Type 12.

The Type 12 would supplement and, to a degree, replace the Type 9 as the standard medium range shuttle; the hull shape is smooth, thus assuring that sensors won't pick it up easily, wich is essential for surviving during wartime

The Type 12 is powered by a singular Constitution Type 1 M/ARA core, a new innovation by the Constitution City shipyards. The bussard ramscoops and warp grilles are nicely integrated into the hull, as are the impulse engines. The M/ARA core can produce a cruising speed of warp 4, and a top safe speed of warp 6.1.

For her size, the Type 12 is modestly equiped with two micro torpedoe launchers, wich carry 40 micro torpedoes each. There are also 3 type V phasers, wich can give a heavy punch. A standard shield system covers the defensive question, altough the twin deflectors on the sides of the cockpit could also repel any object that is not traveling at lightspeed, if desired.

As only a medium range shuttlecraft, the Type 12 does not sport special living quarters, but a foldable bed is present in the back compartment.

Michael Bosscha - Concept and description (original version).
Greg MacDonald - CG artwork, specifications and description (revised version)

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