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The Premise

The year is 2380,

After the pain and the suffering of the Dominion War, the Alpha Quadrant has begun to settle down again, and a new era of peace seems to have begun.

But, an ancient and mysterious enemy, assisted by shadowy forces within the major powers, launches a terrifying and horrific attack.

War is once again on the horizon, and on the front line stands a small group of Starfleet officers whose lives will be changed forever by the events of... The Breen War.

The Series

Formed from an RPG thread at the Subspace Comms Network, a highly-regarded Star Trek board, The Breen War is a new fanfic written in chapter format, supplemented with CGI renditions of key points, that follows the journeys of three separate crews as they deal with this latest threat to the Federation. Originally intended to cover a Breen assault on Romulus, with the Sovereign-class USS Swiftsure as the only ship able to respond, the RPG has grown into a huge, quadrant-spanning tale of epic proportions. It seemed the next logical step to turn it into a fully-fledged fanfic. With the first season nearly complete, The Breen War is shaping up to be a challenging and powerful series, that will push the boundaries of Star Trek even further. Three seasons are planned, though sequel stories are also in early planning stages.

We hope to release new episodes in each season every other week, though obviously real life concerns will prevent that in some cases.

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